At Muminbu, we believe that it is never too early to initiate children to music and sounds and we do our best to do so

Our classes aim to develop your children’s curiosity, sensitivity to art and ability to listen not only to music but also to all surrounding sounds.

This is supported by the bounding experience that a baby has with her carer.

The carer is asked to participate by singing and playing with the baby. However the adult sings, research has shown that a “singing voice” attracts babies interest and attention

Moreover, we use a lot of props, instruments and toys to get the babies involved, active and curious during the classes

Our classes are run by professional singers and musicians who come with their instrument to perform live music to the children

Most of the teachers are fluent in both French and English, however 85% of the songs we sing are in English and the explanations given are in French to make sure that the children and carers are able to understand and be involved.

Our classes by age group

We offer babies (and parent) classes for babies from 3months old to 3years (age group specific).

We believe that each child evolves at his own pace, this is why these age groups are indicative only. Feel free to register him in the class you think is appropriate for him.

"Baby" class
  • From 3 months
  • Multi sensory classes (including motor skills)
  • Smooth and gentle classes
"Crawler" class
  • From sitting without support to walking
  • Multi-sensory classes
  • Synamic sessions
"Walker" class
  • Walkers (without help) to 3 years old
  • Interactive classes
  • “Punchy” sessions

Babies evolve in a smoth and gentle environment. We introduce the babies to different sounds, music and songs to stimulate their musical minds.

The classes encourage them to use many senses (sight, hearing, touch). We also focus on developping the babies’ motor skills with age-appropriate songs and activities.

At this age, babies already start to experiment through play and our program allow them to explore their environment and release all the tension

These classes are for babies able to sit on their own and to crawlers 

At this age, your babies are very curious and want to explore on their own…

Our program support their development.

In our classes we use a lot of props and instruments to catch their attention and get them involved to support their mental and sensory development .

Our music are chosen to introduce rythm, melody, tempo and lyrics.

Our classes have quiet and dynamic times to avoid overstimulating the children

These classes are made for toddlers able to walk without help

At this age, the toddlers are full of energy and they are very curious about everything.

Our classes help them use their energy and curiosity to:

  • express themselves through their body
  • generate sounds and make music to follow a tempo or a rythm
  • improve communication by expanding their vocabulary
  • learn sharing, togetherness and respect
  • improve listening skills

And most of all, the classes aim at beeing fun!