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Muminbu, music first:

  • Music classes tailored for each age group
  • Multi-sensory sessions
  • Bilingual classes (French/ English)
  • Various location to be close to you
  • Use of various props and music instruments
  • Thematic workshop
  • Small class group 8 to 12 children
  • Professional singers and musician to run the classes

Our philosophy

At Muminbu, we strongly believe that :

  • babies and toddlers need to be stimulated in the right way
  • The more a child has fun, the more he will learn
  • Involving babies and toddlers is key for them to learn
  • Being in a caring environment is essential to babies and toddlers’ well being
  • Sharing is learning (with adults and among children)
  • Every learning and new skill need to help babies and toddlers’ build their self confidence 

Our story

The founder is a mother of two

When her first baby was born she was living in London. She used to take her to playgroups and soon started to notice how impactful these playgroups were on her child development and well being. Especially, the music playgroups brought a lot of joy and happiness to her baby girl. 

Since then she has been studying the benefits of music for babies and toddlers and how to enhance their development through to music.

Few years (and a second baby) later, the founder and her family moved to Paris. She tried few playgroups but none of them was as fun and interactive as the ones they used to go to.

She quickly realized that babies and toddlers didn’t have many choices for activities a part from halte garderies and creches


This is when she got the idea to organize multi sensory music playgroups for babies and toddlers: Muminbu was born!

The first classes were launched after months of work with early childhood specialists, music therapists and discussions and meetings with founders of similar workshops in the US and the UK, the first classes were launched


We hope you will join the fun, come sing, dance and shake with us.